Design Club Resources


If you are running an after school club, we recommend starting with the Intro to Design Club project.

Intro to Design Club
0.5-1 hour
A few short activities to kickstart your club. Help the group to bond and learn about the design process. Good for all ages.
Design a helpful mobile app
5-6 hours
Our original app design project for 9-13+ year olds. All levels. Use workbooks or worksheets. Choose from our people and challenges. Or think of your own.
Help 12 year-old Richard to find good books
3-4 hours
Guide children through a simple project using our workbooks. Exercises are partially filled in to give a feel for the process. Ideal starter project for 9-11 year olds.
Design a helpful mobile app - A3 mini project
1-3 hours
An app design taster project for 9-13+ year olds. All levels. Everything you need in one A3 worksheet. Ideal for popups and weekend clubs.
Design a helpful mobile app (Online delivery)
5-6 hours
For 9-13+ year olds. Includes a brief intro to Design Club and a selection of people and challenges. With a pack of A4 worksheets for easy printing at home.
Design a job that makes you happy
0.5-1 hour
Help children design a job for their future selves. A short project over 2 sides of A4, aimed at 6-9 year-olds.