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What's in the mentoring kit
Workbooks for 1 term and extra resources:
  • App Design Beginner Workbooks
  • App Design Intermediate Workbooks
  • Design Club lanyards for name badges
  • People and challenge cards to help define challenges
  • Design Club pin badges and stickers
  • Pencils and basic stationery
How our Founding Supporters helped us progress in 2018
These are ongoing endeavours. See our Q1 and Q2 update.
1. Inspire more children
Introduce at least 1,000 more children to design thinking activities
2. Measure impact
Develop a mechanism for measuring and reporting impact
3. Develop partnerships
Work with 4 new delivery partners to reach a broader demographic of children
4. Create mentor processes
Define and produce a toolkit for on-boarding, training, and coordinating mentors
5. Grow mentor network
Build a network of 150 volunteers to mentor through Design Club
6. Prototype new resources
Make and test at least 2 new techniques to improve the learning experience
7. Design a framework
Create a free and accessible library of Design Thinking tools for educators
8. Form a legal entity
Turn Design Club into a Community Interest Company
9. Explore revenue opportunities
Generate income from 2 different sources
10. Apply for further funding
Apply for at least 4 grants to help develop Design Club in 2019 and beyond
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